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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  February 19, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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east. a few showers east, raw damp conditions even as the rain ends. windy raw weather overnight into when you wake up. it will be in the upper 20s. dress warm, produce tal wind chills -- brutal wind chills ahead. today abc2 news jeff hager spoke with a good samaritan. >> reporter: by the time police arrived in the 2100 block of eastern boulevard, the gunman had disappeared, leaving three victims behind, but in the critical moments following the shooting, maria cammaraca provided the only comfort. >> i saw three bodies. one was on the sidewalk. girl was there, guy was there. the one guy was deceased.
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>> reporter: first, maria said what sounded like an explosion was actually a car accident but she soon learned otherwise. >> i ran up to the girls. i said hold on i'll be back. we've been shot or hit. gunshot wound in her stomach or legs. got my daughter's blanket covered her and held her hands. >> reporter: for baltimore county police, it leaves them searching for suspects, physical evidence and a motive. >> we know the three victims were aquaint tanses. we're currently looking into whether they were connected to the suspect or targeted. >> reporter: for maria, it provided a green reminder that crime has no bounds, including the sidewalk that runs along her front yard. >> she was actually consoling me. i was crying. she said stop crying. i said i'm sorry. i kept her talking the whole time. >> reporter: in baltimore county
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jeff hager, abc2 news. >> police have not identified the victims except to say they were all in their mid-20s. the teen who shot a classmate at perry hall high school on the first day of school has struck a deal. >> robert gladden pleaded guilty to shooting daniel borowy. >> the trial was supposed to start but prosecutors were approached by the defense about a plea. the prosecutors dropped most of the 27 counts against robert gladden. daniel's dad said he's back in school and thriving, but he said he would like to see changes to make sure students get the help they need and an end to school
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violence. >> danny is healing. he's back in school. we count our blessings every day, but what has been done? the children are the future of our country, the future of everything and we have done basically nothing to change any of that. >> reporter: meantime, gladden will be sentenced sometime next week. the state's attorney recommended life in prison but it will be up to the judge to decide his final fate. >> for more information on this breaking news story, just follow rosie on twitter at leftwich. a 15-year-old boy was shot and killed. charles walker, jr. was found shot yesterday afternoon in the hillcrest heights neighborhood of prince george's county. detectives are still working on a motive but friends said he was killed for the shoes. >> as soon as i heard it, i
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broke down, tears and everything. >> prince george's county school system called the teen's death senseless. grief counselors were made available. >> in less than an hour the university of maryland campus mr. gather for the memorial of steven stephen rane. he and his roommate were shot by their house mate. stephen rane was 22 years old and a graduate of centennial high school. all new at six a disturbing story out of harford county where a man is charged with chose -- child abuse. >> the man assaulted him and has since been released from police custody. anne arundel police carried out a search and seizure warrant and found more than $48,000 worth of marijuana, including
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handguns, shotguns and rifles. two people were arrested and charged with multiple crimes. baltimore police commissioner anthony batts said in a press conference that quote, we have protocols that were not followed. the police commissioner was speaking about that tragic shooting when an instructtor using his gun and not a training gun. batts said he would use this opportunity to not only revamp the way the office trains officers but train the culture. batts said training protocols are in place to keep people safe. he said they will peel back the onion of what happened and with the goal of it never happening again. >> what we're going to do is a comprehensive look at not just this creped but look at how we use guns, how we use tasers, how we use expandable batons and not just in training, how we use
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these weapons in every facet in listing this city as a whole. >> batts was not specific about which protocols were broken or how. officer william kern who fired that real round remains suspend as well as the old command staff. the recruit who has been shot has been upgraded to serious condition and is doing better than doctors originally expected. an update on a high profile case. the attorney for michael johnson, the man accused of murdering phylicia barnes -- the murder trial for the man who carried out one of the most violent crime waves in our history is being delayed. opening statements were supported to start has prosecutors proved jason scott
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murdered a mother and daughter in 2009. but a witness tried to kill herself. a man that annapolis calls its most wanted is planning to turn himself in tomorrow. clairnt eugene johnson the third will show up at headquarters tomorrow. he is charged in connection with the double shooting that left one person dead. he released a statement through his attorney saying he wanted to clear his name. the word is out. now comes the task of identifying the patients of a johns hopkins doctor accused of videotaping his patients. there's a new hotline for the patients of dr. nikita levy. meanwhile, they are combing through a lot of evidence. if you're one of the patients, you can call. counseling services are available. gas prices increased every
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single day over the last month according to experts. experts? according to us. it's not the norm. typically prices spike in the spring, but this year that spike is happening way too early. >> what we are seeing this year during the winter month sundays precedented. this is the first time ever that we've seen gas prices this early in the year actually exceed the $3.50 a gallon mark. >> gas trackers say by april, two months away, we could be paying gas over $4 a gallon. >> i hope you can pay ford to get to the ravens -- afford to get to the ravens game. you'll have it pay for success. the newly crowned champs, raves
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-- baltimore ravens are racing the prices. they sold out every game they played at m&t. it's a business that only those who experience the deepest grief would know about. >> they have experienced not only heartbreak but sticker shock. >> reporter: they called for crime scene cleanup and signed lengthy contracts. after losing someone they loved, many customers had to deal with the threat of losing their homes. tonight at 11, abc2 fumes investigators look into a crime scene cleanup firm. they called after losings two loved -- losing two loved ones. they agreed to the work without an estimate and got bills for
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$12,000, $28,000 or more. then they faced losing their homes because vut paperwork. >> it said we gotcha. we're going to put a lien against your property and take you to court. >> reporter: tonight abc2 news investigators show alarming complaints and take you to the company's headquartered let you know what changes they've made to make sure customers know what they're getting, that they're getting gold star service but it's coming at a gold star price. joce sterman, website -- abc2 news. unless congress acts, the economy could be in a rude awakening. >> the future of pitbulls and their owners have been in limbo, the action expected in annapolis in a couple of days. >> on the weather front 45 degrees, just about
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statistically average earlier. we drop to 43. we'll try again tomorrow. the wind maker. this was a rain maker earlier today. a wind maker as we go into the rest of the week. the details coming up.
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all right. it's called frustration but it feels like a big game of click -- chicken. >> we got the federal jobs down there. we're all worried about that. congress has until march 1st or we could lose jobs which would mean across the board spending
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cuts. our state there are more than 100,000 federal employees whose salaries could be cut including forced furloughs. that doesn't include the thousand of marylanders who work with federal contracts. >> what planet are we living on? >> hundreds of thousands of students would be left out in the cold when this comes to education. programs like title one, head start and others would lose funding. pitbull owners and dogs could be one step closer to a resolution this week. >> the bill was introduced on the house floor today in annapolis. it will likely be put to a vote on thursday. the bill was drafted after the maryland court of appeals ruled landlords could be liable. if the bill passes and becomes
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law, the dog's owners would have the dog was not dangerous in court. all new tonight, harford county's emergency services department only months old. it may have a new leader. russell strickland will serve has the director of county emergency services. he was introduced at a news conference in beautiful bel air. >> we've got a tremendous opportunity here and what i feel that i bring to it more than anything is probably history. >> well, strict and has a tough -- strickland has a tough task ahead of him. strickland's appointment will have to be approved by the county council. start off with a check of some of the weather bug cameras. it's going to be a pretty nice
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day. look at this, burst of snow and then now you see this. now you don't. as things change back to rain it melts off quickly. the cold air starting to roll in. had wet snow showers here. if you look closely you can see them. now rain here and the cold winds schooling down the severn river in annapolis in the state capital. all right. take you over to maryland's most powerful radar and show you where the precipitation s the rains are in the northeastern corner of the state, light showers, bel air north. a lot of the area is beginning to clear out. a broader perspective shows drier weather with some winter weather still in the northwestern corner of the state toward garrett county. temperature wise much colder north and west. still in the mid-40s but it doesn't feel that warm. the winds are sustained out of the west. they will turn northwest tonight and gusting to 32 in hagerstown.
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so raw conditions with the wind chill factor feeling barely above freezing to the west and as cold as 39 in easton. what does it feel outside abc2 studios? >> the winds have calmed down. there's a bit of a lag time. i think the winds will be relaxed. then they will pick up, especially as we get into tomorrow. it's out to the west we look, cincinnati chicagoland. that is the gusty winds on its way for maryland. look at the cold air source. it's 15 in chicago. let's send it toward canada, another true arctic blast. i think a lot of the cold air will be modified. a loss of the cold readings will slide love to the east. you can see that weekend forecast that certainly reflects
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the colder air. so as we bring it back out you see the cold front that moves through during the course of the night. then the cold air will come down. it's the pressure gradient. that low will set up over nova scotia. that will funnel in the cold gusty winds. it's an active pattern not this week but beyond the last week of february, especially as weigh get into mark -- as we get into march. it's in the bad right now but vernally that raw field wise. >> all right. the rain is out. the winds are coming our way. brief clearing through the overnight hours but the winds ramping up tomorrow. the cold air beginning to funnel in. you can see those diving south on us upper 20s for much of the day tomorrow. it's going to be a cold one as we struggle to get out of the 30s and tomorrow back down into the 20s.
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so winter still with teeth in mid- to late february across maryland. that storm will continue to spin in the cold and as we look at the overall set sup -- setup, dry air will be the story last we work into thursday. thursday looks like a pretty decent day, dry with high pressure in control. our next storm already on the boards. this one trucking our way to kick off the weekend. this could bring a brief wintry mix. overnight 28, cold, raw, gusty winds. tomorrow blustery, colder tomorrow. the next few days windy weather holds through the early part of our thursday and a chance for wintry mix late friday. showers taper off and then we struggle to get out of the 40s. i think things will trend into
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early next week but february still with an edge. >> with that cold weather tomorrow, it will be a great idea to stay inside and get cpr certified. they're having a cpr marathon at the community center. >> good deal. well, seth macfarlane said he will not do it again. so who will be the person to get the job next year? to find out, head to our special oscars session. while you're there you can find everything academy awards related, including a list of stars. >> you can see seth in action for his one and only show right here on abc2. we're your home for the 85th annual. coverage kicks off at 7:00. got to see that red carpet.
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if you want to see the best emotional moment in our history of tv, i think you better watch tomorrow morning. robin is coming back. robbin roberts is returning to "good morning america." she's been gone for five, six months while she's been recovering from a bone mar rope trans-- marrow transplant. you can tweet words of encouragement at team robin. >> the list is coming up at 7. >> here's a neck peek. >> it's chocolate mint day and we're shaping things up.
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just a little bit of rain left on the lower eastern shore. as we look at your hour by hour forecast, it's getting colder and windier. dress yourself warm in the morning. 27 with the wind. that will feel cold. it take has while to warm up, maybe by the second half of the weekend. >> got to feel raw. >> raw. >> we'll see you tonight after body of proof. >> i'll be watching. >> see you at 11.
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